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Steve Bross is a veteran musician with decades of musical experience – specializing in guitar , bass guitar and lead vocals. Bross has played in various bands such as: 


•  The band “Construction” in the 1980’s – a full time group which performed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York an average of five nights per week.

•  “Rivals” – an original band which played throughout the same region. Rivals was featured in several live radio broadcasts  (WMMR and WPST) and television. They received tremendous reviews as an original act. Rivals sold several thousand copies of their self-titled album in the Philadelphia area alone.

•  “The Chatterband” which is still a powerhouse 9 piece group based out of the Philadelphia area. Steve played an average of over 250 nights a year with the group through the 1990’s playing clubs, private and corporate events TCB has been featured in numerous publications, television programs, and commercial spots **

•  Today - In addition to solo, duo (Bross & Carroll) and studio recording gigs, Steve is currently playing guitar with the Full Grown Men who are performing throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania (clubs and private parties). Steve is also playing with many local bands as a guest guitarist and bassist.

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